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Understanding the Difference Between Pergolas and Arbors

Let’s face the facts, the average person is not going to know the difference between a pergola or an arbor in Dallas / Fort Worth , or even a trellis for that matter. This is why the terms are so commonly used, interchangeably. Industry experts are the type of people who will ,of course, know the… Read More

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Plano Retaining Walls

If you have a long, sloping driveway or yard, it is probably beautiful, but without the right type of protection, it can also be a pain if you want to do anything with the yard.  This is why you see so many homes that have Plano retaining walls around them. This is a great way to… Read More

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Ideas for Outdoor Kitchens in Dallas

Having  outdoor kitchens in Dallas is an idea that has recently taken the public by storm. Many homeowners are discovering that having an entire kitchen outside on their porch is the easiest and best way to do some entertaining. Having a family barbecue is a fun and easy way to spend a summer afternoon but… Read More

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What Is Decorative Concrete in Dallas?

What is decorative concrete in Dallas? Decorative concrete is basically concrete that has no real structure value. Its mainly for the purpose of improving property value and eye appeal. Decorative concrete in Dallas also makes it more easier to maintain. Concrete is very porous and crumbly, so these two things make it very unattractive. Different… Read More

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3 Tips to Design an Outdoor Living Space in Dallas

For parts of the country, the change to warmer weather is certainly a welcome change! At the advent of Spring here in Texas, we definitely begin using our patio furniture more as we begin migrating to our outdoor living space in Dallas. In our household, we truly enjoy time with friends on the patio as… Read More

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Landscaping Options for Outdoor Living Spaces in Dallas

Landscaping is the process of beautifying an outdoor area. Landscaping can be in the form of gardening and planting and can even stretch into the creation of artificial stone structures to beautify a particular area. Modern methods include improvising outdoor living spaces in the hope of creating something that will add to the beauty of… Read More

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Dallas Outdoor Kitchens – Do You Need One?

In houses nowadays, people usually gather their friends for certain occasions or celebrations. Most of the time, people who attend these celebrations are more exceed the number expected by the host. When guests overwhelm the space inside house, they actually find it necessary to go and stay outside. But then, outside, accessibility to the food,… Read More

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Why Choose Wood Fences in Dallas

A fence is one of those features that can enhance and frame a home’s landscape. Just like matching clothes, different types of fences suit different styles of homes. One, if not the most popular kind of fence that homeowners have installed in their homes are wood fences. However, there are several things that have to… Read More

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Preparing for Fence Building in Dallas

One of the necessary parts of constructing a home is Fence Building in Dallas. Having a fence does not only serve as part of enhancing a home’s aesthetic but also serve practical uses. Aside from marking your property, a fence can keep pets and animals in or keep them out. They may also provide some… Read More

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