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Understanding the Difference Between Pergolas and Arbors

Dallas/Fort Worth PergolasLet’s face the facts, the average person is not going to know the difference between a pergola or an arbor in Dallas / Fort Worth , or even a trellis for that matter. This is why the terms are so commonly used, interchangeably. Industry experts are the type of people who will ,of course, know the difference, because we work with these features every day.

However, as part of our hope that each Dallas homeowner will get educated about the options that they have for their outdoor living space, we want to help provide you with the information that you need. This is the only way that you can make choices about aspects of your design and layout, with great confidence.

What Do You Want in Your Backyard?

Let’s define what these two structures are in order to detail their similarities and differences.

Arbor – This is usually made up of trellis material, in order to create a foundation for climbing vines and plants. However, instead of being one dimensional, this structure has sides and an arch or forms a tunnel.

Pergola – While this structure may also be perfect for climbing plants, it is usually made up of posts and a flat roof-like top. As opposed to just accent pieces, a pergola is often more functional; used to shade a deck or walkway.

Talk to your professional about what it is that you are trying to accomplish and what your options are. For many homeowners it is really about trying to distinguish if you want to simply enhance the look of the landscaping, or provide shade and coverage for your outdoor living space.

Make the Most of Your Project

It has been said, locally, that if you want the best in results the name to trust in is Texas State Fence & Patio. We are, of course, proud of the reputation we have earned for becoming the local leading service provider for tasks like outdoor living spaces. Now, we look forward to working with you and ensuring that you get the final results that you hoped for.

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