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Plano Retaining WallsIf you have a long, sloping driveway or yard, it is probably beautiful, but without the right type of protection, it can also be a pain if you want to do anything with the yard.  This is why you see so many homes that have Plano retaining walls around them. This is a great way to level out your Plano property and still keep it looking really great.

Basically, it is any wall that supports a structure and protects it against the advancement of water or earth. There are many different uses for these walls, including in homes for garages, to keep earth from driveways and stairways, keeping riverbanks from eroding, separating roads and highways, and to protect drivers from roadside embankments.

There are different ways to build these walls, and how you build yours will actually depend on the type of retaining wall you intend to build. There are a number of basic construction methods for these walls, with the most popular being retaining walls made from concrete. Some of the other more popular types of these wall construction include:

  • Interlocking block
  • Wooden
  • Insulated concrete form

There are all kinds of neat things you can use as materials for building a Plano retaining wall. Some of the more popular styles are built with stones and/or concrete, but some people are getting really creative with the things they are using for their Plano retaining walls. Some people even use old railway ties to make really interesting looking walls.

A proper drainage system can also help to prevent some of the problems that are caused by freezing and thawing, which is going to happen if you live in an Plano area where the winters are cold and summers are warm. A drainage membrane installed will help to keep these problems from happening.

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